Samsung 950 Pro (256GB) Review

For the heavy workload professionals, who are looking for an SSD with uncompromising and unmatched power and performance, they have reached the right place. This Samsung 950 Pro (256 GB Review) introduces you to the world of Samsung, a high quality, high performance, value for money electronics. Professionals need not look further with this next-generation Samsung 950 PRO. It delivers excellent performance for professionals. It processes a massive amount of more data than SATA does. This piece of electronic is ideal for professionals who use high-end PCS and workstations.Samsung 950 Pro (256GB) Review

Benefits of a next-generation SSD

This SSD is equipped with enhanced bandwidth of the NVMe interface. It is ideal for intensive workloads—such as CAD, data analysis and simulations for engineering. It is capable of outperforming SATA SSDs by about 4.5 times in sequential reading and 2.5 times in sequential writing. It delivers speeds of 2500 MBs and 1500 MBs respectively.

You can save power while maintaining peak performance

If you are in the middle of a high-end task like performing an engineering simulation or a complex data analysis on your laptop, the last thing on your mind would be battery failure on your laptop. In comparison to SATA SSD, the Samsung 950 pro is 1.5 times more power efficient, thus delivering a seamless performance. Your battery will not just last longer but also maintain superior performance levels.

  • You can maximize endurance under heavy workloads
  • The enhanced and innovative V-NAND technology, increases endurance and prolongs the life span with insulators that decrease stress and can withstand heavy client workloads over a period of 5 years. The dynamic thermal throttling technology that protects device from overheating is also present.
  • The device also offers the maximum performance, dependability and efficient power management powered by Samsung V-NAND technology and a 5-year limited warranty.
  • The Samsung 950 Pro is ideal for consumers and professionals who make use of the most demanding applications. It boosts your PCs endurance, efficiency and performance.
  • Consumers found this drive faster than any other

One consumer found this drive amazing, faster than his expectations. He says load times are a thing of the past with Samsung 950 Pro. The games open neatly, thus for gaming freaks this one is ideal. It is not just for the engineering professionals but also for the day-to-day consumers. Windows loads easily and some of the read and write speeds are even faster than claimed in the reviews. The sequential read and write speeds were just amazing. You should also download the latest version of Samsung magician and data migration if you are planning to clone your data from another drive. View these links to get a peak of the original product

You can also view the product in detail at

This PCIe drive has the added benefit of offering the latest features of Samsung. This one is the new flagship consumer drive and it refrains from the backwards compatibility and 2.5” SATA form factor of the previous three versions of the 8xx Pro family. It works in favor of a PCI express 3.0 x4 connection in the M2. 2280 form factor. This allows for one of the highest leaps in the history of the SSD industry.

The Samsung 950 pro is your answer to the ultimate in speed and endurance.

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